Feed your stomach by toiling not by extorting, says Shiv Sena to ‘highway crooks’

Imphal: “It’s time to feed your stomach by toiling. Stop thinking of living by extortion means,” Shiv Sena Manipur state president M. Tombi Singh said while retorting to the Kaiphundai incident of firing four trucks by miscreants.

Four trucks heading towards Imphal from Jiribam were shot at the tanks and tyres by unknown armed miscreants at Kaiphundai under the jurisdiction of Tousem police station on Friday morning.

It was an unfortunate incident occurred. Such innumerable threats had been witnessed in the past, Tombi said while talking to reporters here on Saturday.

Trucks coming from Jiribam and Imphal were told to turn back, threatened the transporters by firing at the tyres and oil tanks of four trucks and threatened them to leave the area. Both the national highways in Manipur have been a source of extortion by different gangs and rebel groups, he added.

“Let’s live together. What is the harm in living together? We are all human beings,” Tombi said.

“The lorries are bringing in our required products. You, your families and all communities consume what the lorry brings in the state. How long we should tolerate such threats,” he added.

It’s time for both the central and state government to take up a decision to protect people on wheels. If not a civil war may erupt in the state, the political leader said.

What will the family of drivers think when such hostile incidents occur on the road? Government should be responsible if the drivers stay away from steering, he added.

Since the past many years drivers have been demanding to install national highway protection force along the highways in the state. We appreciated to the chief minister’s assurance to depute state police commandoes along the highways. But in contradiction the Kaiphundai incident took place, he said.

Shiv Sena Manipur demanded the government to book the assailants involved in the firing incident and to punish them as per the law.

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