Manipur PCC terms BJP-led government as dictatorial

Imphal: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has termed the current BJP-led Manipur government as totalitarian and dictatorial while it condemned the state cops for stopping one P. Saratchandra who was on his 25 km run carrying message of peace, health and education, on Sunday.

Saratchandra is the secretary of EK Higher Secondary School.

The run was flagged off from the ground of Heingang Mayai Leikai Sports and Development Committee.

All the cyclists following him were detained and the 4 wheeler vehicle along with the public address system were also seized by a team of Heingang Police station.

He continued the run along with some supporters and after crossing Kairangthong and Salanthong, he entered the EK school campus at Sangakpham and continued the run but was stopped again at Kontha Ahallup by the cops.

“This is not a new thing during this regime of BJP,” MPCC spokesperson O. Joy told reporters here on Monday. When some ministers or their relatives commit crimes like even firing using license gun no case was registered. The attitude of the government is totalitarian and dictatorial, he added.

What is the harm done by Sharatchandra? He asked.

Talking on saving Nambul River, the veteran politician said putting up hoardings with slogan to save rivers will not save the rivers without implementing with proper planning. He asked if there is a comprehensive master plan to save the river.

He said water has become so important for all people across the globe and every nation is preparing master plan to protect rivers as well as the ground water. Government should make plan to increase the ground water level. Without taking up any planning to protect river and ground water as well as the wetland, it is meaningless to celebrate the World Water day, he added.

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