Holi colour-play forbidden, Yaoshang Sports guidelines issued

Imphal: Spraying or applying of colours is prohibited in the upcoming Holi (Yaoshang) festival in Manipur, according to an advisory on preventative measures issued by the directorate of health services and directorate of youth affairs and sports in wake of Covid-19 contagion.
The advisory also forbids road blockading for monetary subscription.

It disallows movement of overcrowded vehicles. It says 4-wheeled vehicles shall carry only four persons while two wheelers not more than two persons during Yaoshang.

No overcrowding of vehicles shall be allowed at the oil stations for refuelling, it added.

The advisory said while Yaoshang Sports and festival being important for many people in the state, it is also important to prevent spread of Covid-19 infection during this festival and related sports events. The pandemic is still not over and such celebrations can be a Super Spreader events if proper preventive measures are not taken up, it added.

Presently, in some states of the country including Maharashtra, Kerala, and Gujarat the infection from Covid-19 is still a major public health problem. Moreover, new strains of Covid-19, namely, UK strain, Brazil strain etc., are also emerging to add to the existing international health issue posed by Covid-19, it said.

Yaoshang Sports organizers, parents, youths and people from all walks of life shall adhere to protocols and preventive measures as outlined during Yaoshang, the advisory said.

At the Yaoshang Sports arena all forms of contact sports events such as there legged race, cock-fighting, wrestling, boxing, football, tug of war, basketball etc,. shall not be organised; separate entry and exit points should be maintained in the entire sports arena; all participants and spectators shall wear face masks and maintain social distancing throughout the event; under aged kids (below 5 years of age) should be accompanied by a guardian at all times; sports participants may remove masks only at the start of the event and wear them again once the event/ competition is over; sports organizers shall ensure availability of hand washing facilities/ hand sanitizers, face masks etc., during the sports events; spitting shall be strictly prohibited in and around the play field and workout areas; all sports events/ competitions/ prize distributions shall not be allowed after 6 pm on all days. The size of the crowd/ gathering should be restricted to a maximum of 100 persons at all times. Every clubs/ organising committee should have a dedicated Covid-19 task team to regulate the advisory during the event hours and display the Covid-19 Emergency/ Helpline Numbers, it said.

The advisory says social distancing should be maintained at Torch lighting relay at Kangla or other locations and a maximum of 20 persons shall be allowed inside Kangla for getting Torch.

It provided Covid-19 Emergency/ Helpline Numbers – 1800-3453818, 0385-2414009 and 104 (Manipur Mental Health Helpline)

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