Gorkha youth association demands English correction engraved on memorial of Subedar Hemchand

Imphal: Manipur Gorkha Youth Association (MGYA) has demanded the authority to correct wrong English engraved at the memorial site of Subedar Hemchand inside Kangla Fort ‘which gives a different story to who he was and what he did’.

The youth association said, “There is a saying about the Gorkhas in the world. -Turn any pages of the History, you will find their names among the Bravest of the Brave”.
“Today, is the 140th death anniversary of Subedar Herrachand Singh who died in 1881. We fondly remember the sacrifice made by him,” it said.

“We would like to draw the attention of the concern authority regarding the English Translation which was wrongly translated at his memorial inside Kangla Fort. MGYA would also like to thank Miss Aashna Jogi, 13 years old girl for bringing up this social media,” the youth body said.

It said the English translation which was engraved in marble stone few decades ago reads, “The memorial of Subedar Hemchand of 44 Gurkhas was erected by Adjutant Alban Wilson in 1895, Subedar Hemchand. Lieutenant Backenbury, one Havildar other sepoy were killed on March 24 1891 in the attempt by the British troops to capture Bir Tikendrajit from residence at Kangla”.

The original writings at the original memorial were written in Gurkhali Language of which the correct English translation is –“Subedar Hemchand of 44 Gorkha Rifles died on 24th March, 1881: Dafla, Naga, Burma, Chin Hill expedition. He was 49 years old, it added.
It said the original write-up is in the Gorkhali language of the Gorkhas that came to be known as Nepali language after 1930 with some changes in phonology and honorific system.

“We would like to understand how a person who died in 1881 can be a part of 1891 incident. The English Translation will give a wrong message to the future generation. We need to keep the history straight and correct,” the Gorkha youth association said.

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