Don’t misuse Freedom of Speech: Biren

Imphal: Nobody should misuse the Freedom of Speech and Expression guaranteed by Article 19 of the Constitution, chief minister N. Biren Singh said on Wednesday at the inauguration function of a multipurpose hall at Laipham Khunou Mitong Lampak in Imphal East.

Biren said Clause 2 of the Article permits the state to impose reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the right if anybody breaches decency and morality, and in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the state, public order, etc.

The law would automatically take its own course if anybody violates it, he cautioned.

The current generation is probably losing the sense of talking with decency and disciple to elders and fellow people. The degradation of decency, morality and discipline is quite visible among the youth, he said.

State government’s active efforts towards popularising Thang-Ta and encourage the youth to practice is an earnest effort to instill them discipline in their minds, he added.

Many people had lost their lives at young age in the state due to drug abuse and excessive use of intoxicants. The number of young widows is alarmingly increasing in the state. As such, people need to join hands to fight drugs and intoxicants to save the state from further deterioration, the chief minister said.
Everybody should take their chosen professions seriously and they must not take their duties for granted. Nobody should work to pass time but to work diligently for the collective betterment of the state, he said.

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