Guv wishes grand success for Oil and Gas Conservation Awareness drive

Imphal: Manipur governor Dr Njama Heptulla wished oil and gas conservation awareness drive to be conducted by Petroleum Conservation Research Association under the ministry of petroleum and natural gas in collaboration with the State Level Co-ordinators’ Oil Industry.

In a message Heptulla said she is very happy to learn that the Petroleum Conservation Research Association and State Level Co-ordinators’ Oil Industry is organizing “Oil and Gas Conservation Awareness Drive (Saksham-2021)” from January 16 to February 15.

“I wish the awareness drive of Oil & Gas Conservation a grand success,” Heptulla said.

With development, the consumption of petroleum products is increasing rapidly, while the reserves are static. More consumption also has an impact on the environment due to emission of harmful particles in the atmosphere, she added.

India has limited availability and production capacity of petroleum products. While India’s production capacity of crude oil is less, the demand is very high and, therefore, shortfall of several metric tons have to be imported. The import of petroleum products has a direct impact on our economy.

“As we all are well aware that conservation of petroleum products has assumed significance, as human beings cannot do away with it at the present technology level. This is especially more so for countries like ours which depend on imports. Thus the need of the hour is to conserve petroleum products to the maximum extent, by way of optimum use, use of alternate sources of fuel and by putting into practice every possible fuel saving methods, be it in transport or domestic or other sectors,” Heptulla said.

Oil and gas conservation means their better and more efficient use with regard to economic, social and environmental costs, resulting in higher efficiency, minimisation of wasteful practices and protection of the environment. There is tremendous scope for fuel conservation and energy efficiency in India, be it in the transport, industry, domestic, agriculture or commercial sectors by merely getting rid of wasteful practices. It has been proved that by conscious driving and proper maintenance of a car, the fuel expenses can be reduced by about 20 percent, she added.

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