Centre implements AFSPA, insurgency rate has declined, matter will be apprised to Centre: Biren

Imphal: State could not revoke the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 as it is implemented by the Centre; although the insurgency rate has declined considerably, the state has no say regarding the matter as it is under the purview of the Centre, Manipur chief minister N. Biren Singh said on Wednesday.

Biren was replying to opposition MLA Surjakumar Okram on the 10th day of the ongoing session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly.

He assured that the matter will be apprised to the Centre after ascertaining the ground reality as the state has sensitive border.

Commitment to safeguard state boundary

Manipur government is fully committed to safeguard its boundaries at any cost, chief minister Biren said in reply to opposition MLA K. Ranjit Singh.

On query raised by MLA Ranjit Singh regarding media reports on land encroachment and border disputes in Dzuko Valley and Tungjoy, leader of the House Biren said that a security barrack has been completed recently and another one will be completed soon. Road to Dzuko valley via Mount Iso is being constructed, he added.

Regarding Tungjoy, the chief minister said there was small dispute which has been resolved. He informed the House that a deputy commandant, two Jamadar, 22 MR, one inspector, 10 police personnel along with 16 unarmed personnel are at present deployed at the area keeping strict vigil at the border.

He said on December 30, 2020, one ADGP ranked officer along with high ranking officers met local leaders in the area. Some group at Tungjoy who were trying to construct a structure left the area following the meeting, he informed.

Terming the matter as a sensitive issue, he said it is a traditional boundary which has been there since ages and informed the House that he highlighted the border issue between the neighbouring state to the Union home minister during the recently concluded North Eastern Council meeting held in Shillong.

The Union home minister was of the view that the various boundary disputes in the entire North East should solved amicably between the states and in case the NE states are unable to reach to an amicable solution then only the Centre will intervene in the matter, he added.

A joint meeting will be called between the locals to discuss border disputes. In case there is no amicable solution then the matter will be apprised to the Centre, Biren said.

Framing of guidelines to safeguard land to complete soon

It has been a year since the extension of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 in the state after given accent from the President of India on December 11, 2019, Biren said. He said at present there is prohibition of the land registration as the guidelines under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 is being framed and at the same time recommendations are being awaited from the House Committee on ILPS.

Biren was replying to a query raised by Ranjit.

Framing of the guidelines is necessary to safeguard the land for the generations as the area of the indigenous land is shrinking, Biren said.

He assured that rare and genuine cases will be considered after forming sub-committee in Cabinet level to solve registration issue. He assured the House that the framing of the guidelines will be completed soon.

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