Traffic diversions for smooth Republic Day celebration

Imphal: In connection with the 72nd Republic Day Celebration on January 26 and its full dress rehearsal to be done on January 23 Manipur Traffic Police has notified traffic diversions in Imphal.

For the smooth celebration of the Republic Day and in public interest, vehicles except that of the VIP(s) and the invitee(s) having valid car passes issued by the state horne department shall not be allowed to ply towards north of Khrishna Premi Oil pump, Moirangkhom on NH-2, Keishampat to Khwai Bazaar, Maharani Bridge to Dukanthong, Babuthong, Kangchup road to Flyover, Khoyathong to North AOC and Sanienthong to Western Gate of Kangla and Keishampat Bridge with effect from 6: 30 am on January 23 and 26 till the functions are over, a notification by the state Traffic Police said.

Traffic diversions are arranged in the interest and safety of the general public.

Along the Indo-Burma road ll vehicles coming from South towards North shall be diverted from Singjamei Bridge and New Thumbuthong Bridge towards Kongba side and proceed upto Palace Compound and park there.

Along Mayang Imphal road all vehicles coming from South towards North shall be diverted from Keishampat Junction towards former Krinshnadas Oil pump to drop/pick up passengers beyond former oil pumps and will proceed towards Kwakeithel and then towards Ningthemcha Karong or Khagempalli road.

Along NH 39 all vehicles coming from North towards South shall be diverted from Chingmeirong Khongnang Ani karak towards Khuman Lampak bus Terminus. All vehicles shall be diverted from MMTA towards Minuthong, RDS Crossing, Kongba road then New Thumbuthong and Singjamei Bridge or towards Pardon road, Dingku Road.

On the eastern side–Yaingangpokpi, Lamlai, Porompat, Andro etc all vehicles shall be diverted towards Khuman Lampak Bus Terminus from RDS crossing via Lamlong Bazaar. As for Trucks same as above for NH- 39 or towards RDS crossing Singjame, Bazaar crossing and Thumbuthong for Indo-Burma road towards Pishumthong for Mayang Imphal to Tiddim Road. No vehicle shall be allowed to proceed from Palace Gate Traffic Point towards Saniengthong side. No vehicle shall be allowed to proceed from Minuthong towards North AOC.

Along New Cachar road (NH-53) all the vehicles coming from New Cachar road shall be parked at Sagolband Moirang Leirak Bus Parking. Trucks shall be diverted from Tera Bazar towards Naoremthong Unpok Canteen road and Lamphel Sanakeithel, Lamphelpat.

All the vehicles coming from Kanchup side shall be parked at the Northern side of UK road (i.e. beyond the end of Flyover Bridge).

All vehicles shall be diverted from Kwakeithel Bazar towards Tera Bazar, Naoremthong, Uripok Canteen Leirak road, Lamphel Supermarket and coming back via Watham Leirak, Thangmeiband road, Nagamapal road, Wahengbam Leikai road, Keishampat Junction and pick up passengers from Churachandpur Bus Parking, Keishampat near former Krishnadas Oil Pump.

There shall be no diversion for any such vehicle detailed/engaged for emergency services/duties, the notification said.

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