Pensioners can update without visiting the treasury offices

Imphal: In order to create convenience for the pensioners of Manipur, N. Biren Singh on Monday launched mPension Manipur App, an online platform where pensioners can do self-updation without visiting the treasury offices.

Earlier, photograph of every pensioner drawing service pension from treasuries was required to be updated every six months either by personal appearance of the pensioner at the respective treasury office or by home visits of treasury officials to the residence of the pensioner (in case of illness/old age).

In order to ease this burden, mPension Manipur has been introduced where pensioners instead of visiting the treasury office can make their periodic photograph updation online through a smartphone or a desktop/laptop, from the comfort of their own homes.

mPension Manipur also additionally provides facilities to the pensioners to send feedback to treasures and make queries online. It also notifies pensioners on the status of photographs submitted and the responses of their queries. The App uses artificial Intelligence techniques to detect whether the pensioner is alive or dead from the updated photographs and will allow upload of only photographs taken from living persons.

Pensioners can use mPension Manipur to upload photograph for updation (every six months), check validity period of the last photograph, send feedbacks and queries to the concerned treasury office and receive messages from the treasury office.

The mPension Manipur App and can be used and installed in any smartphone with a built-in camera (both Android and IOS) and desktop computer or laptop with webcam.

After downloading the App in their smartphone or desktop/laptop, pensioners should take his/her photograph holding the front page of a leading daily newspaper (local/national) of the day in front of the chest. The App verifies ‘liveliness’ of the pensioner being photographed. While their photographs are being taken, pensioners should perform some facial movements in front of the camera as instructed by the App like smiling, opening of mouth turning of face etc. before being permitted to upload a photo.

Photographs uploaded by the pensioners will be approved by the treasury officer of the concerned treasury. In case a reason for rejection is found, pensioner will receive message from the treasury. Earlier practice of pensioners coming to treasury office for physical updation of every six months will also continue. mPension Manipur will function as an additional method to ease the problems being faced by pensioners/family pensioners. It may also give convenience to the pensioners residing outside the state.

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