‘No Bird Flu in Manipur’

Imphal: There is no case of Bird Flu in Manipur as of now but preventive measures and immediate steps for active target surveillance against the disease have been taken up by the department of veterinary and animal husbandry.

Veterinary minister Oinam Lukhoi Singh declared this on Wednesday.

As a precautionary measures, the government has already imposed a “temporary ban on entry of poultry and poultry products such as eggs, meat and live birds including ducks, guinea fowls, turkey and quails” to the state through all the national highways connecting the state and airport in view of the reported outbreak of highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in other parts of the country. These measures were taken up to prevent escalation of the disease in Manipur, teachers Minister told reporters here.

He said veterinary department has set up Rapid Response Team in all the districts with the collaboration of deputy commissioners, district superintendents of police and district veterinary officers of the border districts shall take all required steps to stop the movement of birds and eggs.

He also informed that the contagious African Swine Fever (ASF) has been reported in the Salungpham area in Thoubal district and Nongmaiching Chingkhong(Wakha) area in Imphal East.

He assured that the situation is under control. As such, the district administration, Thoubal in its order issued on January 2, under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Contagious Diseases in Animals Act 2009, notified “controlled areas” for ASF at Kangyambem, Lokchao, Salungpham Mamang Leikai.

Ban on sale of pig, pork, feed and related items in these “controlled area” and “infected zones” apart from restricting the movement of pig from the place where it is kept within the above area and zone was also imposed, Lukhoi added.

He appealed to the people of the state not to panic as the government is actively taking up all preventive measures through the state veterinary department.

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