National Girl Child Day in Manipur

Imphal: Manipur joins the rest of the country observing National Girl Child Day in different parts of the state on Sunday.

“We should stop discrimination against girl child. Sex determination during pregnancy is also made illegal. Social welfare, education and health department need to work hand in hand in order to uplift the status of women in the society,” education minister S. Rajen Singh said at the occasion of the observance of National Girl Child Day, 2021, at Tribal Research Centre, here. He said no society will exist without women.

The tradition of gender discrimination existing in the country is quite unfortunate. Understanding the prolonged system of discrimination against the girl child which has been existing in the country, the present government has introduced many welfare schemes and protective acts for the welfare of girl child and women. Many frontline NGOs and civil organizations have also played a vital role to promote and protect the status and rights of girl child and women, he added.

Girls are in no way inferior to boys. There are a good number of examples that girls excels more than boys. The concept of underestimating girls should be dropped. We all should take care of them. Caring steps have also been taken up by the government for children right from pregnancy period. This is because of their being our future pillars, the minister said.

Social welfare minister Okram Henry Singh said even if there is a guaranteed gender equality between men and women the concept of underestimating girl child seems still persist. It’s time to work together to remove the very concept of gender preference.

He appealed to all the organisations working for the welfare of girl child and women to cooperate with the initiatives of the government.

Gifts were also distributed to the representatives of NGOs and civil organisations as a part of the observance of the girl child day.

In Senapati the day was observed under the theme “Awake and Acknowledge Girls”. The Free Style Open Group Dance Competition was concluded while observing the day.

A total of 24 teams participated in the Free Style Open Group Dance Competition in which A Star from Kavanam stood in the first position followed by Black Flickers Maram Khullen Khullakpa Sagai in the second and Little Star from Rikhumai Taphou in the third.

Deputy commissioner Th. Kirankumar, said despite the embedded society of preferring boy child over girl child education is the only way to tackle. With proper education various form of ignorance will be liberated. If a girl child is saved during her upbringing, then the whole society can be saved later, he added.

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