Minister Rajen inaugurates Block-I building, fitness centre of Hiyangthag K.P. College

Imphal: Fitness and Science Backup Centre and Block-I Building for B.Voc Programmes of Kamakhya Pemton (K.P) College, Hiyangthang, were inaugurated by Education minister Rajen Singh on Friday.

The centre and Block-I have been constructed under UGC funding.

Rajen said the present government has initiated and introduced new schemes and programmes in order to develop education sector. National Education Policy, NEP, at the national level has been launched.

Under this scheme the number of dropout students will be reduced to zero. The scheme has covered a wide range of curriculums including vocational, skill development, personality development courses etc. apart from literary courses. For successful implementation of this scheme, task force and sub-task force have also been constituted at the state level, the minister added.

He said the state government has launchedSchool Fagathansi Mission.Under the School Fagathansi Mission, the education department has been visiting government schools located at different assembly constituencies examining the requirements at the respective schools. Renovation of old buildings and construction of new blocks is being taken up. Some of them had already been inaugurated under the mission, he added.

There will be no compromise in education. Thirty-seven work orders issued earlier have been cancelled for not following the norms and instructions of the issuing department or authority. New work orders have been issued. The concerned contractors have also been advised to follow the instructions contained in the work orders, he added.

There will be no difference between private and government schools, private and government colleges if the effort of the concerned staffs and authority remain all the same, he said. He urged all teaching and non-teaching staffs to render sincere service and appealed the people to cooperate with the government in its initiatives to promote
Education sector in the state.

Agriculture minister O. Lukhoi Singh said it is because of the efforts of the college authority and staffs of K.P. College that the college is now considerable as not less than other colleges. He urged the authority to have competitive spirit.

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