Veterinary department felicitates minister Lukhoi

Imphal: Manipur department of veterinary and animal husbandry on Wednesday felicitated minister for veterinary and animal husbandry, agriculture and tourism, Oinam Lukhoi Singh at the vetirinary directorate complex, here.

Lukhoi expressed that services rendered by the officials of this department is commendable as they discharge their duties and functions with its network of various categories of veterinary institutions in the state and also play a significant roles in treating the animals/livestock and also in providing technical support for the maintenance and improvement of livestock in the state.

The service of doctors working in the department are laudable as they treat the speechless who cannot express their pains in words, he added.

The mnister seeks cooperation from all the employees of the department to extend maximum support, suggestions and constructive ideas to execute the work of the department in the best interest of the people of Manipur.

He urged the officers and officials of the department to come forward with feedback and suggestions to improve in required areas.

Lukhoi also inspected and checked the ground condition of the various infrastructures – vinary hopital, lab room and office building.

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