Minister Rajen hails Manipur’s unique culture

Imphal: Education minister S. Rajen Singh on the occasion of “Celebrating Sankirtana of Manipur” India’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, said Manipur has a very unique cultural identity ane is also famous for its indigenous forms of art and culture and its heritage, he added.

The celebration was held at Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy on Friday.

Rajen maintained that the rich cultural heritage of the state which has been inherited from our ancestors need to be preserved and protected. We should not simply watch and wait the old art forms of the state. Shouldering responsibilities to promote our old cultural heritage is our duty as citizens of the state. Physical involvement and sharing of thoughts to the existing cultural identity is very necessary, he added.

There may be different religious communities but religion is only one. Difference lies only at the time of practice but destination of all religion is the same. Respecting each other’s religion is also an important practice which we should keep. Nat Sankritana is inevitable and a part of life, the minister said.

MP Dr RK. Ranjan Singh said for promotion of our culture practicing our own culture is very necessary. The culture of our state is recognised by UNESCO. It is very fortunate for all of us that Manipuri Sankritana occupies a big place in the international arena, he added.

He said all things should be done through a formal procedure. All should not act haphazardly. “Our forefathers had adopted a well-furnished cultural tradition in the state. It is our foremost duty to preserve and protect our old cultural practices,” he added.

The occasion was also attended by Prof. H. Tombi Singh, vice-chairman, JNMDA, Imphal, MLA, M. Rameshwor Singh, prominent theatre personalities, Sankritana gurus and artists, officials and staffs of JNMDA and others also attended the occasion. Cultural programmes was also organised as a part of the event.

The occasion was jointly organised by JNMDA and Intelectual Forum of North East, IFNE, Manipur.

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