Biren launches Emergency Response Support System

Imphal: Chief minister N. Biren Singh on Saturday launched the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) at 1st Battalion Manipur Rifles complex, Imphal.

People may call the emergency phone number 112 to activate ERSS when they require emergency assistance from the police, fire service, health department, etc.

ERSS is designed to address distress signals from citizens which are received in the form of voice calls, sms, e-mails, panic SOS requests, web requests, etc. All these distress signals are sent to the common number 112. This unified system is envisaged to attend to all emergency requests from citizens in all types of emergency situation which call for immediate assistance.

ERSS centre is a sophisticated police control room using computer technology and internet facility for instant communication in real time between the control room and mobile vehicles and quicker intervention to attend to distress calls.

ERSS is the vision of ministry of home affairs, government of India to launch a nationwide unified emergency system with a single emergency number 112 for all kinds of emergencies and distress calls from across the country. It mainly consists of three main components — Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), District Coordination Centres or District Control Rooms.

ERSS would enable the authority to help people more effectively at the time of emergency, Biren told reporters. He also said tenhancement of manpower and installation of modern equipments at Cyber Crime Police Station and Forensic Science Laboratory, Pangei are in active consideration by the government.

To make calls or send distress signals to ERSS one can do any of the options.

1) Dial 112 from mobile phone or landline phone.
2) Press power button on the smart phone 3 (three) times in quick succession to activate Panic Call.
3) Long press “S” or “9” key on the feature phone to activate Panic Call.
4) Log on to state ERSS website ( and place SOS request.
5) E-mail SOS alert to ERSS Centre in the state.
6) Use 112 India mobile app (available in Google Playstore or Apple Store) to activate a panic call.

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