Pro active government needed for fulfilling objectives: Ranjan

Imphal: A pro active government can fulfill the desires of the people  said by Dr. Sapam Ranjan Singh, MLA who is also advisor (health) to chief minister, Manipur on the inaugural occasion of “Training of Officers/Officials/Training of Farmers on GAP, GCAP and Primary Processing of Aromatic Plants” held in the training hall of Horticulture Department, Khonghampat.

Ranjan said the present government is taking up all possible efforts to streamline relevant systems of the government in order to achieve its targeted objectives. He said that farmers of the state need more training and awareness. They need to be enlightened in their respective fields. Organizing regular orientation programs for plantation farmers will help to produce more products and generate their income. The government is also working in finding new and scientific techniques as a methodology to produce more products

CEO, Manipur Medicinal Plants’ Board Dr. S. Guneshwor Sharma said the medicinal plants found in the state need to be promoted. Their natural abode needs to be protected and preserved. Our role in the regard is not negligible. A good relation between farmers and the government needs to be developed and maintained, he added.

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