Night Curfew imposed in Manipur

Imphal: In light of the rapid increase in COVID-19 positive cases and deaths, there will be night curfew imposed in the state of Manipur.

According to an order released by The Home Department, Government of Manipur on Friday, night curfew will be imposed in the state from 6 pm to 4 am and district magistrates will also issue orders in this regard.

Movement will be restricted during the night curfew with exceptions of essential services, goods trucks and officials on duty. The order also imposed limited restrictions on organizing social and customary ceremonies and opening of shops in the state.

“Social and Customary ceremonies should be organised for family members only and in case some other persons are required to attend the ceremony/function the size of the gathering should be restricted to 20 (twenty) or less persons strictly,” the release said.

With the exception of wholesale shops, the opening of shops in Thangal and Paona Bazaars will be in accordance with the roster given below:

The curfew restrictions will also be exempted for Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, dispensaries and all chemists and pharmacies.

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