Najma, Biren greet on Chavangkut

Imphal: Manipur governor Najma Heptulla and chief minister N. Biren Singh greeted people of Manipur on the eve of Chavangkut festival.

“My heartiest greetings to the people of Manipur particularly our Kuki-Chin-Mizo brethren on the auspicious and happy occasion of Chavangkut, popularly known as Kut which is celebrated on November 1 every year,” Heptulla said.

Kut is celebrated as a thanks giving for a bountiful harvest and it is one of the most important festivals not only of Kuki-Chin-Mizo groups but the entire state as well. Apart from its cultural significance, the festival has also become an important tourist attraction, she added.

“I am hopeful that the festival will spread the message of peace, love, communal harmony, friendship and brotherhood among the different communities in the North East especially in Manipur,” the governor said.

Biren said the festival symbolizes compassion and gratefulness. The festival also signifies harmonious coexistence, brotherhood, cooperation, integrity and understanding among different communities of the state.

“I am hopeful that the celebration of the festival in its true spirit will help strengthen our sense of unity and bring everlasting peace and prosperity amongst the diverse ethnic groups inhabiting in the state,” Biren said, “I extend my warm greetings and best wishes to the people of Manipur specially our Kuki-Chin-Mizo brethren.”

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