Radheshyam discusses with student bodies on reopening of schools

Imphal: Manipur education minister Dr. Thokchom Radheshyam on Thursday held a meeting with the representatives of the students’ organisations to discuss the necessary steps of preparedness that needs to be taken up with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic if the educational institutions in the state are to be re-opened.

The meeting was held at the Conference Hall of Samagra Siksha, Manipur. It was attended by the commissioner, education (S) T. Ranjit Singh, commissioner, higher and technical education M. Harekrishna, director education (S) L. Nandakumar Singh; director, university and higher education,  Kh. Diana and officials concerned of the education department.

The meeting discussed the need for re-opening of the educational institutions especially the technical educational institutions and the colleges as the examinations for the bachelors’ degree is scheduled for completion by September end, the minister told reporters.

Radheshyam said the meeting mainly focused on the necessary steps that need to be taken up before the examination to ensure the safety of the students.

He said it has been more than five months that all the educational institutions have remained closed since the month of March due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To regain the confidence and to lessen the fear of the pandemic among the students especially for college and the 12th class, phase wise interactive classes’ session with the principals and teachers by maintaining physical distance was also discussed. The meeting discussed the issues concerning the scholarships for those pursuing higher studies, he added.

He appreciated the students’ organisations for the positive response and said during the meeting many suggestions and proposals were given by the representatives of the students’ organisations and also assured to support and extend cooperation in sanitising and in implementing SOP in the educational institutions.

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