Pistol used in Churachandpur bank robbery recovered

Imphal: Manipur Police on Monday recovered a pistol which was used in Churachandpur Bank robbery from one of the three arrested suspects of the crime.

During the bank robbery of Rs 1.15 Crores in front of SBI Churachandpur main branch on September 4 Arambam Ranjan Meetei, 37 years of Khuga Tampak, was shot death.

Police says during the investigation carried out so far, three employees of Writers Safeguard Group (WSG) that is sub-contracted by SBI for cash management have been arrested as they were suspected to be involved in siphoning of money and were responsible for a criminal conspiracy to kill Ranjan.

Those arrested persons were V Thangkhanmaun, 40, of V Munhoi village, Churachandpur, K Somen Singh, 36, of Khuga Tampak, Zouveng, Churachandpur and Khongkham Brojen Singh, 40, of Bamon Kampu, Imphal East.

The investigation points at their involvement of siphoning of ATM  money since the past 5 years, to an amount exceeding Rs 2 crores for their personal gain. Police effort has led to the recovery of 20 lakhs from the possession of one of the arrested accused person, police said.

In the course of investigation it has been found that Brojen planned the robbery and that it was executed by Somen in connivance with V Thangkhanmuan for which he had given his licensed 0.32 calibre revolver and six rounds of  ammunition. The same weapon was then hidden in an unused ATM booth by Somen and was finally picked up by Brojen on the day of incidence, with only four rounds of ammunition inside as revealed by him. It was then taken to Imphal where he had hidden it in his home.

Brojen Singh was arrested on September 8.

Police said it has successfully recovered the said weapon and ammunition from the residence Brojen and continues its investigation.

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