MP Sanajaoba urges Assam CM to include Manipuri language as associate language of Assam

Imphal: Titular king of Manipur and Rajya Sabha MP Maharaja Sanajaoba Leishemba on Thursday wrote to Assam  chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal to include Manipuri language as an associate official language of Assam.

He made the proposal on behalf of the Manipuri People of Assam and being their King as well as an MP of Rajya Sabha, Manipur.

He urged Sarbananda to fulfil the demand of Manipuri People of Assam i.e. “Inclusion of Manipuri Language as an Associate official Language of Assam”.

“If you do so, not only the Manipuri of Assam but Manipuri all over the world would be indebted to you and your government. This would be able to protect the identity, history, culture and tradition etc. of Manipuri in Assam,” Sanajaoba said in the letter.

It would strengthen the historic love, bond and relationship of Manipur and Assam, he added.

Manipuri bodies in Assam including Youth’s Action Committee for Protection of Indigenous People and Manipuri Youth Front of Assam have been demanding for inclusion of Manipuri language as associate official language of Assam.

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