Minister Nemcha launches video on prevention of online child sexual abuse

Imphal: Social welfare minister Nemcha Kipgen on Thursday launched a video on prevention of ‘Online Child Sexual Abuse’ in Manipuri and English versions by the department of social welfare, Manipur at her office chamber, here.

The video will serve as awareness for all to remain alert on online child sexual abuse so as to protect the children from such evil and to let the children grow in a healthy environment for a bright future.

Online child sexual abuse is a real threat to the mental growth of our children. The problem is likely to be magnified by the current Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, children are spending more time on virtual world via internet either through smart phones or through computers. They are mostly tempted to browse the social media or play online games after their “online classes”.
It is possible that the parents think the children are still attending their online classes whereas, in reality, they might be playing or browsing after their class. Thus, parents should be more vigilant and check on their children from time to time, the minister said.

She drew the attention of all the parents, teachers, concern departments, civil organisations and the public in general to remain vigil and focused on ways to curb the danger of online child sexual abuse.

In most cases, the perpetrators will first befriend the child; entice them to perform or discuss about sexual activities and finally blackmail them into doing illegal sexual activities. The children who are victims of such online sexual abuse may not seek help from the parents or elders and may not even disclose it to his or her friends due to fear of social stigma. This will lead the victim to mental trauma and mental disorder. Nemcha urged parents and children to keenly observe for any suspicious change in the behaviors of the children.

She appealed all to call Childline’s Toll Free Number 1098 or contact District Child Protection Unit, Juvenile Justice Boards or Child Welfare Committees which are functional in all the 16 districts of Manipur under the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Manipur when such cases are detected.

It was attended by drector, social welfare, Ng. Uttam Singh, joint director, social welfare Bantee Singh and officials of the department.

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