Pregnant woman dies as hospitals ‘refuse’admission, Biren cautions hospitals, enquiry committee formed

Imphal: A 20-year old pregnant woman died along with her unborn baby on Thursday morning in Imphal as five hospitals including JNIMS and RIMS allegedly refused admission for delivery.

The deceased woman was Kanpatliu Kamei, wife of Roshan Balang, resident of Puichi village Noney district. They were currently residing at Makuiluangdi village in Senapati district.

After the attempts at the hospitals she was taken to Shija Hospitals and died at the casualty entrance.

According to the family of the deceased woman the patient party arrived at Senapati district hospital around 2 pm on August 5. The doctors there assured that delivery will be done by them. However, around 10.30 pm, they advised the patient party to go to Imphal.

They rented a private vehicle and reached JNIMS the next day around 12.30 am. However, in total act of irresponsibility and negligence, she was refused to be treated even though she possessed a Covid-19 negative test result.

They requested one young man working in a pharmacy at Porompat to take them to other hospitals and they moved to RIMS. The same denial was repeated at RIMS too. Then they approached Imphal Hospital but was refused admission again inspite of the serious condition of the patient. Next, they approached another two private hospitals, whose names are unknown to the patient party. There too, they were denied access. As a last resort, they went to Shija Hospitals where she and the unborn baby expired at the Casualty entrance at around 4 am before the patient party could approach the hospital authorities.

Chief minister N. Biren Singh has instructed that all government and private hospitals should attend all patients. “Any violation will be viewed very severely and action will be taken under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and Manipur Nursing Home and Clinical Registration Act, 1992, etc.,” he said on his Facebook post.

The state government has issued an order instructing to ensure that all patients who reach their facility are attended to promptly, especially emergency and time bound cases. Each hospital and health facility shall designate responsible staff to ensure there is no denial of service.

To enable prompt Covid testing, state government will provide rapid antigen kits through the directorate of health services. Any violations will be viewed very severely and action will be taken, the order said.

Biren said that an enquiry committee has been constituted to look into the unfortunate incident leading to the death of Kanpatliu Kamei.

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