Manipur gets first Teleconsultation-OPD

Imphal: Health and family welfare minister L. Jayantakumar Singh on Wednesday launched its first Teleconsultation OPD using eSanjeevaniOPD platform in a function held at the state medical directorate, here.

“This initiative will help the public to ease out the inconveniences caused during this pandemic period of Covid-19,” Jayantakumar said.
Introducing such a health platform through which people having health difficulties can consult a doctor from home at free of cost, will be very beneficial to the public, he added.

The medical prescription slip will also be sent through internet to the patient after the consultation. A smart phone or a laptop or a tablet or computer with internet facility will be required for connecting to a doctor for availing this new facility, he said.

Health, being one of the most important sectors, the government has been focusing for an improvement of health care service, he added.

Jayantakumar said that Covid-19 has affected the world economy and all type of economic activities of the country. One can well imagine that if this pandemic continues for long the life will become very hard. Scientists of the world have been trying to find a permanent solution to this disease. During these days citizens need to be informative and contribute to common people by sharing awareness about such new public health initiatives, he added.

Health said as an initial stage 30 doctors have been assigned to perform the task for Teleconsultation OPD. The state has also worked out targeting 220 health centers at different locations to provide such service to the public. In the next step of the government, the facility for TeleconsultationOPD will be expanded to doctors staying outside the state and abroad as well.

People of the state can register their names to and get the benefit of TeleconsultationOPD from today, minister added.

Concerning about some of the outraged incidents meted out in some of the Covid care centres of the state, the minister expressed that damaging public property for a slight information gap between the inmates and the concerned authority is not a right approach. The government is putting maximum efforts to help and comfort the inmates in Covid care centres and quarantine centres. There may be dissatisfactions amongst the inmates but the health department is also not ignoring their wellness in the centres.

He appealed to all inmates to be calm and to approach the concerned authority through proper channel and assured to address their reasonable grievances.
Director, state health services, Dr K. Rajo Singh said there is enough manpower, protective equipments and other health facilities ready to combat this pandemic. The front liner staffs have also becoming active in their service day by day. Introducing TeleconsultationOPD in the state during this juncture is really a new facility for the public, he added.

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