Manipur Covid-19 update: One expired, 117 tested positive, 129 recovered

Imphal: In Manipur, as on Monday evening one Covid-19 make patient expired, 117 persons were tested positive while 129 were recovered from the disease.

State Covid-19 common control room said in the past 24 hours, 87 persons from general population and 30 personnel from Central Armed Police Force were confirmed as new Covid-19 positive cases.

Out of the 87 persons from general public 83 are locals with no travel history while the remaining are returnees from other state, it added.

All necessary medical precautionary measures like containment and contact tracing are in place, it said.

The cumulative number of deaths is 28, the control room said.

It said in the past 24 hours 129 persons were discharged after they were found free from the contagion.

The number of active cases is 1746 (general population -1017 and central security lersonnel -729).The recovery rate is 70.23 percent.

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