End of World War II commemorated

Imphal: 2nd World War Imphal Campaign Foundation on Saturday observed 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II at Imphal war cemetery in presence of Lok Shaba MP Dr RK Ranjan.

Ranjan led the wreath laying ceremony at the war cemetery.

Ranjan said this is a very meaningful function that gives powerful message to all over the world. World War II was fought between the Allied powers and Axis Powers which was involved by all the countries of the world. It fought for six years from September 1, 1939 till September 2, 1945. This war fought in the soil of Manipur is popularly known as Japan Lal (war) in the state.

Study on the war at different fields in Manipur by the generation will make the future generation help in maintaining peace in the world, Ranjan said.

The occurrence of the war in Manipur tells the world about Manipur. With the remembrance of this world war in the state, Manipur will be one of the focal points of the global society and let’s explore this advantage, he added.

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