Lairemba waterfall in Wakha, Imphal East

Imphal: Manipur is blessed by Mother Nature in many ways and there is no doubt about it. Be it the Loktak Lake, the Dzuko valley, the Shirui Lily, the Sadu Chiru Waterfall and so many other countless places and scenic beauties are there. So many beautiful places & waterfalls have been discovered and many are yet to be discovered.

One such beautiful waterfall lies in the Nongmaiching hill range near Imphal. Just 11 km drive from capital Imphal in the outskirts of Imphal East district, the Lairemba waterfall exist near Wakha village.

The waterfall has become a sought after place for domestic visitors after some local youth of the village uploaded photographs of it on social networking site Facebook, said a village elder Sanjenbam Rajen.

With subsequent lockdowns due to Covid-19, people are finding difficult to go out for recreation or picnic, thus making the waterfall – being close to Manipur’s capital Imphal city – a local favourite for picnic.

According to Mr. Rajen, after the youth’s post on Facebook, daily visitors have increase to 100 in numbers. While the place is known to local people since time immemorial, outsiders have started visiting the place after the Facebook post.

He further stated that the Wakha Youth Club is considering development of the area to attract more visitors.

The scenic beauty of the nearby paddy fields and Nongmaiching hill range, the place is indeed a beautiful place to visit. It could be developed as a tourist place which can certainly benefit the Wakha village and its villagers.

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