Hyderabad man passes class 10 after 33 years

Imphal: While many people took their lives after exam failure but a Hyderabad man kept trying to clear class 10 board exams for the last 33 years. According to India Today report, 51-year-old Mohammed Nooruddin from Hyderabad had been trying to pass his board examination for over three decades now.

He could pass the examination this year only because of the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic because of which several states in India were forced to cancel the board exams or declare all candidates as passed.

According to the report, Mohammed Nooruddin, who is working as a watchman at Anjuman Boy’s High School in Hyderabad’s Musheerabad area, appeared his first class 10 board exam in 1987 but failed in English. Since then, he was trying to pass in the subject but without success. He was appearing for the 10th board exam hoping he would finally become a class 10-graduate and get a government job.

Now that the Telangana government has declared all the TN SSC class 10 candidates who didn’t even appear for the exams as passed, Mohammed Nooruddin has finally become a class 10-graduate, the report added.

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