College teachers caution to intensify agitation

Imphal: Federation of Government Teachers’ Associations (FEGOCTA), Manipur in an online meeting held on July 14 and 15 resolved to continue the agitations until the Orders of 7th UGC Pay and Regulations, 2018 is issued.

Sit in Protests and other forms of agitations will be part of 4th time agitations by FEGOCTA, the federation  said in a press statement released on Thursday.

Suspension of online classes will continue and also to boycott admission and other academic activities, it said.

MHRD issued letters on November 2, 2017 to all the chief secretaries including Manipur government to implement 7th UGC Pay for the college teachers. There seems to be lack of sincerity and commitment by the government on national policy of UGC. No order is issued even after 155 days of the Cabinet approval of 7th UGC Pay and Regulations, 2018, the federation said.

FEGOCTA has written to the national leaders including the Prime Minister to intervene and ensure implementation of the national policy of UGC in Manipur, it added.

FEGOCTA reminds the government to issue the orders of Cabinet approval at the earliest. The government shall be responsible in case of any disturbance in admission and academic activities in the colleges, it said.

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