No Ratha Yatra this year due to COVID-19, Biren shower greetings

Imphal: In wake of COVID-19 pandemic, Shree Shree Govindajee Temple Board, Imphal on Monday announced that to halt Ratha Yatra festival this year accept performing unavoidable rituals at the temple.

A notification issued by the temple board said it will also not perform Laxmi Keithel Kaba and Kanglen Ratha Yatra events which fall on 9th and 10th of Ingen month respectively by performing only rituals.

Chief minister N. Biren Singh conveyed his ‘warm greetings and best wishes’ to the people of Manipur, especially the Hindus on the occasion of Kang (Rath Yatra) festival.

In his message released on the festival eve the chief minister said celebration of Kang festival in Manipur begins on the second day of Ingen month of Manipuri lunar calendar and ends on the tenth day of the same month. In Hindu customs, it is believed that anyone who pulls the rope linked to the chariots of the deities and helps others also in doing so or merely touches the rope or chariots, gets the merit of several penances, he added.

“I am hopeful that our religious duties will continue to strengthen our community heritage and social sharing. I join the people of Manipur in the celebration of Kang and pray to Lord Jagannath to shower His believers with spiritual merit and final liberation,” Biren said.

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