Bishnupur district administration cautions against ‘rumour’ of roaming a Corona virus positive person

Imphal: It has come to the knowledge of the district administration, Bishnupur that there is a news being circulated in social media that entire Bishnupur district has been declared a containment zone after a person who went to clean JNV Quarantine Centre was seen roaming around openly, from Bishnupur after being declared positive.

District Administration Bishnupur wishes to place on record that this is an absolutely unfounded piece of rumour, deputy commissioner Neeta Arambam said in a press release on Thursday.

For the record, all staff of the various Municipal Councils in the district are provided full protective gear whenever they clean and disinfect any quarantine centre.

The person in question was also provided full protective gear while discharging his duty it has been informed by the Chairperson, Bishnupur Municipal Council that the said person had  some rashes near his eyes and was given rest at home for few days which perhaps let to this rumour, she said.

In order to quell this unfounded remour, District Administration advised him to get tested and his testing will be done on Thursday.

It is matter of great seriousness that a person who had not even undergone testing has been declared positive in social media thereby causing grave personal misgiving to him and his family, the press release said.

Any person who spreads unfounded rumours regarding Covid-19 is liable to be punished under section 54 of the Disaster Management act 2005, the deputy commissioner cautioned.

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