Lockdown 1.0 to 4.0: More than 45 lakh fines collected from lockdown violators

Imphal: Manipur Police have collected Rs. 45,64,220/- as fines from lockdown violators during the entire lockdown 1.0 to 4.0.

According to report from Manipur Police, at least 44,061 persons and 33,361 vehicles were detained and fined for defying nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19.

Thoubal, Bishnupur and Kakching districts topped the chart in fine collections with total collected fines of Rs. 13,65,610/-, Rs. 10,80,040/- and Rs. 7,32,650/- respectively. Imphal West and Imphal East districts have collected Rs. 5,12,500/- and Rs. 3,41,060/- respectively.

On 31st May, which is the last day of lockdown 4.0, a total of Rs. 62,250/- fine were collected. And 617 persons and 454 vehicles were detained for violating the lockdown.

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