Mahabali Monkeys having great time in lockdown

Pothashang News Service: Imphal, 9 April, 2020: While we humans are on the receiving end due to the 21 days national lockdown due to Covid-19 outbreak, tribes of monkey in Manipur’s capital Imphal are living their life to the fullest.

Simians living in the Mahabali forest on the Imphal river bank in Imphal are having pleasing times with no more human disturbances as the Mahabali temple located here was also closed for devotees due to the outbreak.

While, people are struggling to get everyday requirements, the simians are having their stomachs full like never before. Thanks to the handful of Samaritans, who help the caretaker of the temple in feeding the tribes of monkey living in the temple and adjoining forest by supplying food for them.

Bachaspatimayum Gyaneshore Sharma, who is the fourth generation caretaker of the temple, said that the monkeys are having food like they had never before, as many came to him with supplies for them as they fear that the simians might not find food due to the lockdown.

The monkeys living in the temple, which was built in the 16th century, fed on offerings of the devotees coming to the temple. Due to the lockdown nobody visit the temple anymore.

He thanked Yaiskul MLA, PFA and those who helped him the supplies, from which he is feeding the simians.

According to him around 1000 monkeys live in the temple which is located inside the forest. However, he lamented that nobody from the wildlife department or forest department came during this time of crisis to extend help.

The Corona virus has turned the table this time.

There are around 20 women vendors, who earn their livelihood by selling flowers and other items at the lawn in front of the temple gate. While the monkeys are having the best of times, these women are having hard times during the lockdown.

Ms. Huidrom Ongbi Sunita from Mahabali Mamang Leikai who is one of the women putting up flower vendour in front of the temple said, she and other women who put up vendours are having very hard time as they are not able to run their business.

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