Why actions should not be taken up?

Pothashang Desk: Imphal, March 24, 2020: It was bizarre to see so many rumours/unconfirmed reports flooding social media platforms since this Tuesday morning after the report of first COVID-19 positive case in Manipur. The most shocking viral post was sharing the details of the person being tested positive.

Such incidents should not be taken lightly and authorities need take stringent actions against those who have leaked the reports. Anonymity and confidentiality of the concerned person should have been maintained. Those posts certainly have its repercussions in the form of stimgatising and discriminating her and her family.

Now the social media platforms are flooded with posts from rumour mongers and wanna be social media influencers with baseless reports and opinions. Actions should also be taken up against them. Let the journalists do their job and every individual should also refrain themselves in sharing and also believing in those posts/stories.

It is high time that we believe any COVID-19 related news or reports only from ministry of health and family welfare, Govt. of India, World Health Organisation (WHO), state government and news/reports by electronic & print media.

With authorities imposing curfew in the wake of new developments, a trend of blocking roads and localities are coming up. Will this help in combat against COVID-19?

The state government is taking up steps to contain the spread of the virus in all possible ways. The CM in his appeal has also clearly stated that even curfew is imposed, there will be relaxations for buying medicines and other necessary daily needs.

Even in curfew situations, essential services will have to continue to provide services for you. Journalists, Doctors, Paramedical staffs, electricity, water supply and even newspaper hawkers etc have to do their duties even if you have the pleasure of staying home. You have the pleasures of listening to news in radio or watching TV news, there are many people involved in productions of those news. Blocking roads will surely hinder them in discharging their duties. And also, any other medical emergencies may come in your family or neighbours, which will require you or your family to leave the comfort of your home.

The authorities need to monitor these incidents so that essential service providers do not face any untoward incidences. Roads are public property. You may lock your gate, block entry in your courtyard, but do not claim your rights on public properties.


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