MLA Imo donates to help fight COVID-19 in Manipur

Imphal: Manipur MLA Rajkumar Imo said, “I am donating a sum of Rs 50,000 from my monthly salary as a Member of Legislative Assembly, to the state government to fight the dreaded Corona Virus pandemic which has infected Lakhs of people worldwide including our country”.

He would be the first MLA in the state to donate for combating the COVID-19.

This Is a war against humanity, which will have more long lasting impact then the two world wars. It is our duty to all work for this cause. The battle has Just begun for our country and the state in particular and the next few weeks are the most important phase to control this pandemic, Imo said in press release on Sunday.

“There will be more stringent measures and We the people of Manipur have to unite together and fight as one. We all know our healthcare isn’t the best in the country, we are a resourceless state and this pandemic will hit the state economically and we all should contribute to the state to overcome this phase,” he added.

“I urge and appeal to everyone to donate whatever they can including my fellow legislators from Manipur to donate half the monthly salary for this noble cause. I also urge all government servants in the elite service both in the central and state cadres (IAS, IPS, MCS, MPS, etc.), other government staffs, pensioners and any other Interested person to donate whatever they can for this noble cause, which can be further utilised by the government to fight the pandemic, especially for the poor and needy ones,” he said.

This pandemic will not see who is rich and poor, who is young and old, it will only continue to Infect till we break that chain, which has brought powerful countries to their knees, he said.

The state government has to ensure that all facilities are put in place to face any eventuality. At this point of time, there is a need of a total shutdown/lockdown for sometime. Apart from government duties, it is also our duty to break this chain by staying put inside our respective homes. Let’s all be responsible citizens, avoid public gatherings and keep a distance from each other. God bless us all, the legislator said.

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