Jayantakumar instructs health staff for active role to prevent COVID-19

Imphal: Manipur health minister L. Jayantakumar Singh has advised all the health staffs to take active participation for the prevention of Novel Coronavirus infection.

Concerning the increasing unrest of the public regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus infection, health minister L. Jayantakumar said the health department is putting all possible efforts to prevent this disease from entering into the state.

Speaking to the media on the occasion of opening Isolation Wards at Moreh Hospital and Integrated Check Post, Moreh, Jayantakumar said so far, there is no confirmed report of Coronavirus case in the state. There is no confirmed report in Myanmar also according to the latest survey report of WHO, he added.

Medical check points have been opened at more than five different places including Imphal International Airport to detect this Coronavirus cases, the minister said.

He said Moreh, being an international border town with Myanmar is a sensitive place. To protect ourselves from Coronavirus we need to maintain neat and cleanliness. Surroundings should be kept hygienic so that this virus can be kept away.

Regarding the shielding of international border to stop entering of foreigners who may be carrier of this infection, Jayantakumar said that Ministry of Defence and External Affairs ministry will be consulted if this matter becomes quiet aggravated.

Minister also informed that people should avoid mass gathering to keep away from this disease. He said that boosting one’s immune system will also be a means to protect ourselves from this infection. For this one need to maintain good health with good food. Proper hand wash is also a necessary practice to be maintained for avoiding from this infection.

He suggested that fake reports in social media should not be trusted. For official confirmation one can refer to WHO reports. Minister also urged the health staffs to be serious in their duties since the case of Corona Virus becomes viral and panicky.

Later minister Jayantakumar and his team visited Moreh gate No. 1 and 2 and also inspected the health officials on duty. He also inspected food safety office located at ICP Moreh and instructed food safety officials for conducting thorough screening of food items imported from Myanmar.

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