Rs 78,44,03,000 for YAS

Imphal, February 22, 2018(DIPR): On Day 14 of the 4th Session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly, the House unanimously passed four Demands for Grants amounting to Rs 172,07,92,000 (Rs 172 crore rupees).

The Demands for Grants include Demand No. 6-( Transport) Rs 15,29,27,000/-, Demand No. 16-(Co-operation) Rs 26,12,26,000/-, Demand No. 25 – (Youth Affairs and Sports Department) Rs 78,44,03,000/- and Demand No. 48-(Relief and Disaster Management) Rs 52,22,36,000/-. Chief Minister Shri N Biren Singh, who is in charge of Transport, said that the revenue collected from the Transport Department in this financial year has been the best in the past recent years. Informing to the House that the revenue collected till January of this year since April 2017 is about to touch Rs 30 crore mark. He also added that the revived MSRTC public buses have immensely helped the public, and also said  such transport system will be introduced in all the hill district headquarters.

Further, the Chief Minister responded to a cut motion raised by MLA Dr Chaltolian Amo by saying that the proposed Barak Inland Waterways over river Barak is a fully-Centre funded project, and assured the house that he will push for its fast initiation to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi in the next meeting. Concerned over the increasing traffic volume and the problem of noise and air pollution, Shri Biren said that no new license are being issued to the diesel auto vehicles and those that are currently plying vehicles will be wipe out gradually when they are condemned.

MLA Shri K Ranjit, giving his observation, drew the attention of the Minister concerned on the matter of issuance of fake vehicle driving cards, and the poor quality of license and registration cards. To this, Shri N Biren assured that this matter will be seriously look into and will take up necessary steps at the earliest.

Shri N Biren Singh, who is also the minister for Relief and Disaster Management, clarified to the cut motion moved by MLA Shri Md Fajur Rahim by stating that Centre funds for disaster relief is not being delayed, and delay, if there is any, is due to the time taken in the processing and transfer of funds from Centre to the State. He added that more than Rs 10 crore has been distributed as relief to various districts through respective DCs in the last ten months. He also stated that the government is strongly instructing the MAHUD to strictly implement the use of anti-earthquake safety devices to any new construction of buildings.

YAS Minister Shri Letpao Haokip said that the matter of expulsion of 9 prominent football clubs by All Manipur Football Association (AMFA) is beyond the purview of the government as AMFA is an autonomous body and the department has no executing power on it. He added that he can only seek explanation on the matter, but cannot give any directives on it. The minister was replying to a cut policy moved by MLA Shri Abdul Nasir on the lack of policy to address the mismanagement in state associations like AMFA.

Also responding to the cut motion of MLA Shri K Meghachandra, Shri Letpao Haokip said that 5 per cent of every recruitment process of Grade-III and Grade-IV posts has been earmarked for meritorious sportspersons since before, and this reservation is being followed properly at the judicious way possible. Supplementing to this, Leader of the House Shri N Biren said that apart from this government reservation policy for players, meritorious sportspersons were also given jobs occasionally at one time recruitment basis and the new government is also planning to conduct a one time recruitment only for meritorious players very soon. He also added that the system is not equipped to accommodate every player with a government job.

On the other hand, Co-operation Minister Smt Nemcha Kipgen said that the TP Cell (engineering cell) of the department was revived in July 2017 with approval from the State Cabinet. The cell has 4 Executive Engineers and 64 other staff, they all work from RCS Office and the appointment of a Chief Engineer is also under process. She responded the above to the cut policy of MLA Shri K Ranjit Singh on account of the revival of the cell and the way of its workings.

In today’s discussion on Demands for Grants, MLAs Dr Chaltolian Amo, Shri K Meghachandra Singh, Shri Md Abdul Nasir and Shri Md Fajur Rahim moved the policy cuts while MLA Shri K Ranjit gave observations. Later, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Shri Y Joykumar introduced the Manipur Appropriation (No. 2) Bill, 2018 after getting approval from the members of the House.

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