MPYCC protests against Prime Minister Modi for ‘Looting the Nation”

Pothashang News Service : Imphal, February 26: Manipur Pradesh Youth Congress Committee (MPYCC) today protested against NDA government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly looting the nation.

The protest rally was held on Sunday at Mayang Imphal Bazar against Nirav Modi in association with Mayang Imphal Assembly Youth Congress Committee.

In the biggest banking fraud in India’s history, Nirav Modi, a billionaire, luxury jewelry designer is the main accused. Government run Punjab National Bank has detected “fraudulent and unauthorised” transactions of over Rs. 11,400 crore. The prime accused, Nirav Modi has already fled the country, says a statement released by the youth Congress committee.

No action was taken either by PMO or any other authority; instead Nirav Modi was seen in Davos at the WEF accompanying PM Modi. He then fled the country; in return the bank and the nation suffered a loss close to Rs 12,000 crore. Punjab National Bank it self-has reported the total loss to be above Rs11, 400 crore. What the Modi government had hidden from us is that there is also an exposure of Rs. 9,872 crore of other banks with Gitanjali Gems Limited, a company promoted by Mehul Choksi.

The entire system was bypassed to favour both the accused. All regulatory mechanisms broke down. Everything escaped the eyes of auditors and investigators when the country is hit with the biggest banking fraud in the history. The Prime Minister must break his silence and answer the Nation. It is high time that the country needs to wake up and fight these dacoits who are looting the country.

Manipur PYC president Amir Hussain said that PM Modi needs to answer the Nation as to why no action is being taken against these continuous scams occurring in the country.

This protest was led under the leadership of Amir Hussain , president MPYCC along with Kakching DYC president N Sanjoy Singh, S PremKumar IW II DYC president and many Youth Congress activists of Mayang Imphal AYC, added the statement.

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