Loi communities of Manipur – Naoroibam Indramani

Contd. from 18th February, 2018 : Kumbi – The tributes of this village were that one Singlen paid 15 Phoubots of Paddy, 30 Phoubots of paddy to the Lamchaba, Kairang. One Sareng Pounga by two men, one Kongpal of Thangchi, one Kangpol of Mudfish. 10 number of Chinwok, 100 coins by one man at the time of searching the hill people, one pot of Hentak, one Sareng Pounga by two man, one Kangpol of Mudfish. In Stiek Siyeng Phambal, the Khullakpa paid one dish, the Luplakpa paid one bow, and one nam paid 30 coins. At the time of the delivery by Queen, this village paid 15 numbers of Thangchi, 15 numbers of Mudfish, 15 numbers of Chinworks, one sareng Pounga. At the Time of delivery by Apanbi, this village paid 15 numbers of Thangchi,

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