Loi communities of Manipur – Naoroibam Indramani

Contd. from 11 February, 2018 : Larois – The normal tributes of the villages of Laroi wwere to pay plantain leaf three times to a Lallup, they offered pig, pay Khamu. They were considered as the native places of Haoreima. In Sitek Siyeng Phambal, the Khullakpa paid one dish, the Laplakpa paid one bowl and these villages pay Plantain leaf at every occesions, skin of deer, Mukthrubi (a king of plant).

Lois of Iram Ipan – From the villages of Iram Ipan Lois 1500 coins were demanded by one Singlen in one month. In the item of Ngachapot, two Singlens pay in Saren Pounga


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