Euphonious musical evening by Kakching Battalion

Imphal, February 25: A melodious musical evening was conducted by Kakching Battalion/HQ 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of Headquarters Inspector General of Assam Rifles (South) on yesterday at Serou Village.

The musical evening was organised with the motive to develop and maintain a healthy environment among the youth in hinterland of Manipur. The dazzling Jazz band of Kakching battalion gave an explicit performance with music ranging from Hindi, Manipuri, North Eastern melodies and some ecstatic English classics liked by the locals.

It was a thrilling performance with as many as 300 locals attending the function, cheering and encouraging the Jazz band to play more music. Locals also performed along with the 39 Assam Rifles jazz band. The locals of Serou village also thanked the efforts of the Kakching Battalion and jazz band for a scintillating performance and pledged to maintain peace and harmony

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