3,58,123 job seekers in Manipur

Imphal , February 28, 2018  (DIPR) : The number of job-seekers registered during  2017-18 till December 31 in Manipur was 10,664 (6,745 male and 3,919 female), according to Shri Sh. Bijoy Singh, Addl. Director,  Directorate of Employment Exchange.

The number of Job-seekers  registered with all the Employment Exchanges during the period from 01.04.2017 to 31.12.2017 was 10,664 including 6,745 male and 3,919 female whereas the number of jobseekers as per live-register as on 31st  December 2017 is 3, 58,123  which includes 2, 46,056(male) and 1, 12,064 (female), said Sh. Bijoy Singh.

Addressing a press conference organised by DIPR at the DIPR premises today as part of the series of Press conference for highlighting the development activities of the government the Addl. Director talked about ineffective working of the offices citing limited resources like manpower and fund.

Four Employment Exchange/offices i.e., Imphal West, Imphal East, University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau, MU, Canchipur and District Employment Exchange Thoubal have been computerized. In these four employment exchanges, online registration and renewal could be done by the job seekers. Matric certificate and aadhar, in original, is mandatory for registration and uploading, Bijoy asserted.

He further said there are 17 (seventeen) Employment Exchanges across the State. Due to shortage of staff, Town Employment exchange, Tamei has been lying defunct state for the last two years. Though, the sanctioned post is 122, the 17 offices under the Directorate is currently manned by 88 staff only.

With regards to the notification of vacancies, Bijoy said that  after commencement of the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies)Act, 1959, the employer in every establishment in public sector and private sector (Act) shall, before filling up any vacancy in any employment of over 3 months duration in that establishment, notify that vacancy to such Employment exchanges, in its jurisdiction where the establishment is located. Most of the employers in the public sector establishment are complying with this provision and sometimes this department has written letters to some public sector establishments to notify the vacancies before filling up for an employment.

Altogether 6,715 including 5,769 (male) and 946 (female) registered job-seekers were sponsored by the Employment Exchanges against the notified vacancies by the Employment Exchanges in Manipur during the period from 01.04.2017 to 31.12.2017.  Placement were given to 618 (454-male and 164-female). A total of 4,73,037, including 3,35,764(male) and 1,37,273(female) were removed from the Live Register due to non renewal and over aged.

The department has submitted  a total of 111 reports return of employment and unemployment to the Director General of Employment & Training, Government of India, New Delhi during 2017-18 fiscal year and 108 reports under the Employment Market Information (EMI) programme are submitted  to the government of India.

The Employment Exchanges are collecting, gender wise reports of employment that are in the Pay Rolls of the establishment from the employers irrespective of Central Govt, State govt., Autonomous body, local body, large private sector, small private sector during the period from 01.04.2017 to 31.12.2017.  The number of employees as per reports submitted by the employers are 74,874 (53,012-male and 21,862-female).

The number of job-seekers who were imparted vocational guidance during the period from 01.04.2016 to 31.01.2017 under the different areas of Vocational Guidance Activities in the state is 10,094.

Proposal for enhancement of fund allocation for the department has been submitted to the government and 65 additional post has already been created for the 7 new districts. However, recruitment drive is yet to be conducted. If all the Employment Exchanges are fully computerised then, the manual working in the Registration, Sponsoring of candidates against notified vacancies, preparation of report/returns will be  minimised, added Bijoy.

Director (IPR) Shri Meghachandra Kongbam moderated today’s Press conference which was also attended by Research Assistant, Employment Exchange Smt. Konthoujam Basundhara Devi.

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