A website to monitor the students outside the state to be launched on 1st February, 2018: CM

Imphal: Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh said that the government would formulate a policy to keep an eye to our students studying outside the State. Under the policy, a website would be launched on 1st February, 2018. This was stated by him at the “Well Wishing Ceremony” to all the students who are appearing in the forthcoming Board Examinations, 2018 held today at Hapta Kangjeibung, Imphal. The programme was organised by the Departments of Education, Government of Manipur.

Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Chief Minister said that large number of students from the State is studying outside the State. Those students who are residing outside the State need to register themselves by entering their details such as their present address, schools or colleges etc. where they are studying. He stated that those registered students would get some benefits such as financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 50,000 in case of death and serious injury respectively.

Chief Minister mentioned that such initiative would provide security to the students and the government would know the whereabouts of the students including the number of students residing in each State of the country. Apart from these, the State government would officially request to each and every State governments to protect our students round the clock. He appealed the students residing outside the State to get registered themselves as soon as possible after the launch of the website. Regarding the death case of Pravish Chanam, he said that the State government has been pursuing the Union Home Minister and UP Chief Minister to hand over the investigation to an independent body like CBI.

 On the occasion, Chief Minister announced that those students of government schools who stood 1st , 2nd  and 3rd position in the forthcoming BSEM and COHSEM examinations will be given cash awards of Rs 5 lakh, 4 lakhs and 3 lakhs respectively. And those students who secured positions up to 25th rank will be given Rs 1 lakh. For district toppers, cash awards of Rs 1 lakh, 50,000 will be given to those students who secured 1stand 2nd rank in the district.

Chief Minister said that such well wishing programme is first of its kind in the history of Manipur. The primary objective of organising such programme is to give best wishes to the students who are appearing in the coming Board examinations and to take a pledge for a better future. He stressed that the main reason for the underdevelopment in the region is due to the lack of mass education in the State. Those people who have proper education don’t create any havoc and trouble in the society. They would leave aside their selfish desires and thoughts to achieve inclusive development in the State. An individual who speaks fluent English and Hindi doesn’t make them educated but educated persons are those who can achieve goals and objectives and deliver good service to the society, he added.

He further said that it would be wrong if students are studying just for the sake of getting government jobs in future. Such mindset or concept should be changed immediately.

Stating that the present government is committed to root out corruption in the State, Chief Minister said that the government has already taken action against those fraudulent teachers. Till now, more than 40 teachers have been terminated for producing forged certificates, mark sheets etc. He said that certain steps have been taken by the present government to curb corruption in the recruitment of government jobs in the State, he stated, a Staff Selection Committee would be formed to conduct the recruitment process of the Grade III and IV posts in government jobs. Those government employees who are posted in difficult and remote areas of the State would be provided with monthly incentives above to their normal salary soon. The construction of Transit quarters for government employees has already been started. If there is Nepotism, favouritism and corruption in Education and Health sector, then we could see the downfall of the whole Nation.

In order to ease the process of withdrawing money from GPF account, Chief Minister said that the Education Department has already started a new initiative which is entirely online process. Service book of around 16,000 teachers have been digitized in order to check fake certificates and other qualifications, he added.

He assured that there would be a uniform academic calendar for all the government and aided schools of the State from the Academic calendar 2018. Mentioning about the new achievements of the government schools in last 6-7 months, Chief Minister said that the students of government schools are no longer weak, they have won many awards in various National competitions.

While giving best wishes to the students for the upcoming Board examinations, Chief Minister urged the students not to use any unfair means during the examination.

While delivering his Presidential speech, Minister for Education Shri Th. Radheshyam said that the present government has given top priority to improve the education sector in the State. He stressed that education is the only answer of all the problems and issues of the society. We all should know the essence of having a proper education, he added. Mentioning about the lack of basic infrastructure in schools and problems faced by the teachers in the State, Minister said that a collective effort is needed to improve the education sector in the State. He announced that he would donate his monthly salary for purchasing the shoes of class I-V students. He showed his gratitude to the teachers for making voluntary donations for purchasing the shoes for the students. He also gave his best wishes to the students who are appearing for the Board exams and to become successful persons in their life.

Thousands of students and teachers gathered at the ground to witness a new paradigm towards bringing a revolution or movement in the education sector in the State.

Principal Secretary Shri Vineet Joshi, Commissioner (Higher and Technical Education) Shri H. Deleep Singh, Director (Higher Education) Shri John, Director (Education-S) Shri Th. Kirankumar, top ranking officials of Education Department, Principals of various Schools and Colleges, members of various Organisations and others attended the function. (DIPR)

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