Imphal, January 29, 2018 (DIPR): A press conference was held today at the conference hall of  the office of CAF&PD, Revenue, Relief & Rehabilitation Minister Shri Karam Shyam that discussed matters relating to NFSA Central Assistance and purity of Indian Oil Corporation PCTC oil.

The previous Congress Government has not yet given the transporters’ fare and marginal money for the fair price shops (Rs. 65 per Quinton ) during 2016-17 ever since NFSA started operation in April 2016, Minister Shyam said.

“For the first time, NFSA transporters’ bill is cleared. We will be handing over 2 cheques (Rs.1,57,56,044 +Rs. 80,32,976) amounting to a total of Rs. 2,37,89,020 to the agents of fair price shops of Imphal West District from April 2016 to March,2017 and again fromApril 2017 to September 2017 respectively ( a total time span of 18 months) through their concerned DSO,” the Minister stated.

For Thoubal District, a total cheque of Rs. 2,21,82,264 was allotted for the same period while Kangpokpi gets a cheque of Rs. 24,72,512 from April 2016 to May 2017 (14 months). All other remaining districts will get their share through their concerned DCs & DSOs once their documents are furnished, he assured.

“As we are able to get a sanction money of Rs.25,43 crores as NFSA’s Central share for the state, issues relating to transport bottlenecks and concerned fair price shops will be redressed,” he said.

Drawing concern that the present Government is for the service of the public, the Minister further said that they want to ensure transparency and accountability regarding the above matter.

A total amount of Rs. 4,84,43,778 was given to the three districts in total today.

Talking to media, he said that the Government has given strict instructions to IOC officials to cease the oil pumps &  get the testing done, the reports of which will be available tomorrow. The steps are being taken after Hon’ble Speaker, Manipur Legislative Assembly, Y Khemchand suggested that the reason behind the vehicles producing lots of smoke  n Manipur may  be due to oil adulteration at PCTC, Khuyathong, he shared.

Out of the 3 oil samples at present, we are checking the sample brought from Tinsukia to Malom oil depot and from  Malom  to PCTC, till now, no findings  can be noticed, he said.

“In order to ensure further accuracy and results, we are sending the 3- tier oil samples for testing  at Digboi Refinery Lab that is  one of the Nation’s most  reputed oil laboratories. If we find any manipulation, adulteration and indescrepencies, we will be taking appropriate legal action,” he assured.

Director, CAF & PD, Government of Manipur, Shri Ranjan Yumnam; Deputy General Manager(Retail Sales), Imphal Divisional Office, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Shri Sinam Ibungoton Singh;DSO, CAF & PD, Imphal West District, Shri N Jayanta Singh & Assistant Director, CAF & PD, Kangpokpi District, Vahneilhing Singson attended the press meet.

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