Police victim R’Day tableau makers clarifies against news report

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Imphal, January 27, 2018: Just on the next day of the Republic Day celebration tableau makers came out with complain of disturbing by policeman while transporting the tableau on the celebration eve and denied the report on a Manipur daily paper that minister Shyamkumar handed the disturbing policeman to police station.

Lourembam Jivan from Yairipok Yambem who is the leader of construction of a tableau for the department of horticulture and soil conservation said, “Minister Shyamkumar is not related to the incident as reported”.

Talking to the reporters at Manipur Press Club Jivan said, while we were taking the tableau from the 2nd Bn Manipur Rifles ground towards the 1st Manipur Rifles one of the police personnel at the traffic corner near the PWD (public works department) shouted “What are you doing there?” As I answered we were transporting the tableau one of them shouted “It’s ok! Go!” in a very insulting manner. They didn’t ask us to stop, added Jivan.

I was signaling the driver to make turn as he could not see the sides on the road when the police shouts. All the four sides on the tableau vehicle were covered and the driver could see only through a hole. So we have to guide the driver of the tableau vehicle, said Jivan.

“The car I was driving was guiding the vehicle tableau very slowly. They chased us and stopped us adjacent to minister Shyamkumar’s bungalow. We told them we cannot stop, but we are forced to stop.  One of them pulled me out of my car. The other three in the car came down to explain. Havildar Anou started beating me up. While my friends were trying to stop him he opened blank fire” said Jivan. It was about 8: 30 pm of January 25.

Following the gun shot police reinforced at the location to find out what has happened. We all were taken to the city police station, said Jivan.

Minister Shyamkumar also came to the police station to find out the reason why there was fire shot in front of his resident gate. The confrontation was not related with the minister. He was at the police station just to inquire on the incident, said Jivan.

The actual incident and the story told by Havildar Anou are totally different. “Such disturbance to those who are working for the success of the Republic Day celebration by security personnel who were on duty for undisturbed celebration of the day should not let be happened in future. The wrong reporting on the paper is unfortunate”, said Jivan

Police took statement from us and asked us to leave. They said nothing to us, he added.

It is said Havildar Anou is a police medal for gallantry awardee.

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