Core Committee of Nagaland THCO asks BJP’s stand on the ‘Joint Declaration’

Pothashang News Service

Imphal, January 31, 2018: The Core Committee of Nagaland Tribal Hohos and Civil organizations (CNNTHCO) has asked the BJP to clarify its position in connection to the January 29 ‘Joint Declaration’.

In a press statement released by the core committee convenor Theja Theriah and co-convenor David Sangtam said the unclear stand of the BJP has created chaos in Nagaland. The BJP cannot speak with forked tongue when even after signing the Joint Declaration, it put in place a most insidious game plan to scuttle the cry of Solution before Election when the party suspended its member for signing the historic declaration when he was authorised by none other than the State BJP president to sign on behalf of the party, said the statement.

This treacherous act will not go unchallenged. The CCNTHCO representing all the apex tribal hohos and mass based organisations would like to question whether the State BJP is committed to finding solution to the 7 decades old Naga political issue? It is apparent that the BJP is playing a dirty game to grab political power at the expense of Naga aspirations as amply exemplified by their slogan Election for Solution. The committee would like to publicly question whether the state BJP members are Nagas first and whether their allegiance is to their high command than finding solution to Naga problem.

The CCNTHCO demands that the State BJP revoke the suspension order of their SEM and aver their commitment to their declaration made on 29th January.

Unless the state BJP accedes to this demand, the CCNTHCO as per its 29th Resolution shall take necessary steps and any aggravation of the peaceful situation in the state shall be solely borne by the State BJP .

Since the NLA has taken a stand on Solution before Election as per their 15th December, 2017, resolution, the CCNTHCO would like to remind the esteemed MLAs that the time is now to resign from the NLA and the need of the hour is to move beyond mere lip service. Such an act of collective sacrifice will definitely send a strong message to the GoI that Nagas desire Solution at the earliest.

In the meantime, the total state-wide bandh slated for 1st Feb’ is as scheduled. In a slight modification to our earlier circular, all educational institutions shall be closed with the other exemptions remaining the same, namely, the movement of Army and Paramilitary, police, district administration, media persons, and emergency medical services, added the statement.

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