It is indeed a great lost for his family in payticular and the journalist union in general. On this fateful day of  January 29, 2018  morning, a news reporter /Correspondent from Tamei, and member of Manipur Hill Journalists’ Union (MHJU), Mr. Abing Mathew  s/o Souding  of  Tamei, Tamei Sub-Division, Tamenglong  left this world for eternity.

The Manipur Hill Journalists’ Union (MHJU) express our deepest condolence to the bereave family members and pray for them. He left behind his wife along with two sons and a daughter.

He is currently the reporter/Correspondent of  Tamenglong based daily newspaper, The­  Cham.


(S. Nengkhanlun)

General Secretary, MHJU

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