Imphal, January 12, 2018 (DIPR): A 3-day Indian Oil Kisan Mela was inaugurated  today at M/S Lamsang Oil Service,Imphal Divisional Office, Lamdeng Khunou, Lamsang. An initiative of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL), the mela was jointly organised for the 2nd time by Lamsang Oil Service(Kisan Seva Kendra) and Indian Oil Corporation Limited , Imphal Divisional Office, Congress Bhavan, B.T. Road.

The main aim for organising the mela is to let the farmers and the local people avail some beneficial ad useful items,products and services, not the usual diesel,petrol & lubricants from the Kisan Seva Kendra of IOCL.

Chairing as Chief Guest of the function, Hon’ble Minister,CAF & PD, Shri Karam Shyam highlighted that any Minister, MLA or elected leader of the State should take initiative in creating awareness about the welfare schemes of the Central Government for the public so that civilians can demand their rights and avail of them.

The Minister appealed to the IOCL officials to make the petroleum products available through pipeline medium as the new process will cure 70-80 % of the various ills and vagaries surrounding the availability of these products to the customers in the State.

Now that oil adulteration has been monitored and banned in Manipur to a considerable extent, the situation relating its  availability , procurement and fair distribution to the public has improved, he said. He also assured that issue of black petrol and diesel has been solved by and large.

“We need to streamline some initiatives to bring the expected changes in our respective Departments,” he also stressed.

Adviser, Security, IOCL,IPS, Shri B.K. Ravi; Commisioner, CAF & PD,Shri K Radhakumar; Executive Director,IOAOD, SO,Shri Dipankar Ray; Chief General Manager(RS),IOAOD, SO,Shri Uttiya Bhattacharjee; General Manager,Security,IOCL,Shri Manoj Yadav;Eminent scientist,Dr.M Priyodatta and proprietor, Lamsang Oil Service, R.K.(O) Shantinibala Devi shared the dais with the Minister at the function.

Drawing attention that all kisan sevas will be operated by solar energy, Uttiya Bhattacharjee said that out of 27,000 retail outlets in the country,7500 sevas are focussed on providing facilities to the kisans like farming equipmens, seeds etc.

In his address, Dipankar Ray elaborated not to mistake the mela as a mere petrol pump service but as a low cost model but towards a more sustainable development of getting fuel, seeds, fertilisers & agricultural related items apart from solarisation.

Commisioner K Radhakumar threw light on providing sevas to the kisan at the right place and right time as farmers’ property is state property.

IPS B.K. Ravi wished everyone as the kisan mela is the first initiative of the Indian Oil in Manipur.

Scientist Dr.M Priyodatta spoke in detail on crop management, animal husbandary and plant protection by highlighting on the ill-effects of the use of fertililisers, insecticides & other harmful chemicals as manures in agriculture after prolonged human consumption.

Highlights of the mela includes Aadhaar Enrolment & Rectification facility,free servicing camp for tractors ,display of solar energy and sales of agricultural related equipments by Agritech Manipur,Uripok.

Vendor stalls on SBI-Cash less transaction, Honda 2 wheelers and potato seeds & services also opened today.

IOCL gifted 500 saplings to the Government of Manipur for promoting sustainable development.

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