Review banning of Hindi films for the sake of cinema lovers in the state: Bhabananda

Imphal: The inaugural function of Thangal Cinema was held yesterday at Dolby Digital Pro-Logic Movie Theatre at Thangal Bazar with honourable MP, Rajya Sabha, Shri K Bhabananda Singh and Director, IPR, Government of Manipur, Shri Meghachandra Kongbam gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest and President respectively.

Owned by filmmakers – M.C. Binod, Bishwamitra Sharma & Basanta Sharma, Thangal Cinema was launched yesterday with the sole purpose of encouraging the cinema-lovers of Manipur to watch more films apart from promoting cinema in the market and striving hard for the cause of developing Manipuri cinema at a much higher level than its earlier status.

Dolby Digital Pro-Logic Movie Theatre uses full HD Sony data laser projector-VPL-PHZ/PWZ10 and has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The theatre that has a sound system 6.2 will screen South Indian, Manipuri & selected English movies apart from its plans to conduct film appreciation sessions, seminars & State Level Film related quiz for movie lovers of all age groups.

Three shows are scheduled daily, the morning show at 11am, the afternoon show at 2 pm & the evening show at 5 pm. Thangal Cinema also offers a striking, attractive offer in which movie watchers can collect 15 used tickets , get 1 green card and enjoy 3 shows free of cost. Further, a green card holder can avail of the facility to get 1 mobile handset absolutely free after collecting 15 green cards in total.

Confessing that though he hardly is an expert in the area of films, MP, Rajya Sabha, Shri K Bhabananda appreciated the concept of Thangal Cinema for promoting cinema. He said, “The arrival of a film craze in the State today with the film stars considered as icons is really a good sign for the development of Manipuri cinema.” He also appealed to those concerned who are banning Hindi films for quite a long time to review their decision and steps for the larger cause of the movie-loving public of Manipur.

Tracing the history of the growth and development of Manipuri cinema, its ups and downs, challenges and bottlenecks, Meghachandra Kongbam said that cinema is one of the most important media of mass communication and its utility in the society as a tool of education and entertainment cannot be ignored. Cinema is a very powerful audio-visual medium in the global arena and for screening films, halls are essential, he noted. “Life span of some cinema halls in Manipur are cut short by the banning of Hindi films. Let’s try to open the doors to the film market and industry so that we can learn and develop films with the help of our talented artists”, he also expressed.

Giving a brief insight on the strategies adopted by Hollywood film-makers like Stephen Spielberg, the director of the blockbuster movie, Jurassic Park, M.C. Binod expressed that taking into consideration the deteriorating scenario of Manipuri films at present, film-makers in the State should try to be passionate like them in whatever they do and success will follow suit.
Manager-in-chief of Thangal Cinema, Bishwamitra said that it’s really a pathetic situation to see a 10 Lakhs budget film reduced to the price of merely Rs.10 in the streets by piracy. (DIPR)

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