Plea to join rally against possible negative outcome Naga peace talk

Pothashang News Service

Imphal, December 3, 2017: Thangmeiband United Club, a conglomeration of 27 working clubs in Thangmeiband Assembly constituency, Imphal West today urged the people to join protest against any possible impact to the state’s integrity when decades’ long Naga issue arrives to a final settlement.

The united club decided to take up a sit-in reacting to President Ram Nath Kovind’s statement that the final solution on the Naga issue will arrive soon. Kovind made the statement while inaugurating the Hornbill Festival at Kisama, Nagaland on Friday. “After years of conflict, there is hope. Aspirations should be met soon. I am confident that a final agreement will be reached soon,” said the president.

Pratap Laiharm, vice president of the united club talking to the reporters at Manipur Press Club here said, “We believe the words of the President. We also believe that the Framework Agreement will give negative impact on the integrity in any form, which is the fear of the people of Manipur.”

Asserting that the people of Manipur need not remain silent before the solution has arrived, Pratap appealed the civil society organisations and political parties to voice under one umbrella so that the final solution of the Naga peace talk does not disturb Manipur’s integrity.

It was expected that a final solution of the peace talk will be brought soon ahead of the Nagaland Assembly Election that falls in March next year. Voice from the people of Assam, Arunachal and Manipur has been in the air against possibility of territorial or administrative separation within these states if the demand of NSCN IM is fulfilled by the unrevealed content of the Framework Agreement.

“If there is nothing negative in the Framework Agreement, its contents would have been disclosed at the outset”, said Pratab.

The sit-in was scheduled to take up from 10 am till 3 pm on December 7 in front of North Imphal Sporting Association office along the road leading to Manipur state assembly building. The united club appealed all to cease everyday activities including business activities, office works and transport during the protest and support the protest.

The Framework agreement was signed between the India government and the NSCN IM on August 3, 2015 to bring a final conclusion to Naga issue of forming a separate land or administration for the Nagas by uniting Naga inhabited areas.

All political parties and civil society organsiations meeting held yesterday affirmed to work together to prevent from any undesirable outcome of the Framework Agreement signed between the NSCN IM and the government of India.

The Manipur PCC yesterday questioned how the State BJP led Government would respond if and when dual administration mechanism is announced, though there will be no territorial disintegration immediately. The question came at the backdrop of the President Kovind’s statement in Nagaland.

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